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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Business Premise Color?

Choosing the correct coloring scheme is serious business when it comes to a work environment. Using the wrong paint color could leave your employees feeling a bit uninspired for hours or send your customers running for the doors before you can even mutter hello. So, what colors do you choose as well as where, what and why.

Knowing Your Business Purpose Is Key

At times, businesses need to step back and determine that certain areas must be painted based on what the intent of the area is for. What is expected to happen or come out of this area? Is this the accounting office, research and design, conference room or is it the employee break room? The colors all mean something and each can be matched not only to a personality or expectation but also to a desired skill of the business.

When an accounting office is painted yellow for instance, one can expect a sunny and cheery disposition. It’s a reflection of the outside where one can envision birds and daisies. However, quite the opposite would be true in a business sense. A yellow room is stimulating, but in abundance it can become a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. An accounting office is where attention to detail is necessary and vital to business. Surprisingly, reds are the go to for areas and personalities that are geared towards details. They give way to a rise in blood pressure and pulse so creating a healthy balance that is best for healthier employees. Read more about color psychology here.

Innovation is the core of every business, without it a business would not survive. Creating harmony in a room of people who are striving to create or build on ideas that ensure continued success of a business can be a tough buy, but green colors are the way to go.It is an odd thought that green, the color of money is considered to be the driving force behind creating harmony and balance for innovation. It is a key component to enhancing creative performance as well.

Speaking of creative and staying along the hue lines of the green and blue paths, along the path of innovation comes brainstorming and searching for clues, ideas and ways do things better. This comes with products, resources, employees etc. It affects every facet of business so it could apply to various departments. Any area where space is designated for brainstorming, blue is the color of choice. It is calming and encompassing. Blue promotes people to communicate and trust each other while opening their minds up to new ideas.

Which Colors Will Not Work For Business?

Thinking about what colors to stray away from? Moderation colors or those that should only be used as accents are easily noted to be white, yellow and grey. They can be used to break up the positive colors noted above but left alone or in solid formation, the white and grey are mood killers. They are depressing and drain productivity.

While no one color is going to always be an exact fit for every business and personality, blues and greens seem to be the most preferred in most business associations. They are calming and inviting if not used on the extreme scales. The softer hues are most desirable, but again the decision resides on the business owner and what the business wishes to project both to employees and customers.