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Ceiling with crown molding

Crown Molding Essential Things To Know

Many upscale homes are going to be fitted with crown molding. Crown molding is an architectural feature characterized by ornamental boards that are positioned horizontally in the space where the wall meets the ceiling. There are many different styles of molding, and the simple presence of it is capable of improving the value and appearance of a home.

Facts About Crown MoldingCeiling with crown molding

Homeowners who are thinking about installing crown molding should think about the extent to which it could improve the appearance of any given home. The real estate market is still highly uncertain, but it is true that people tend to notice touches like crown molding. The addition of this is going to signal that the owners really took care of the house.

There are many misconceptions related to crown molding, however, and these might be holding homeowners back when it comes to giving their homes the look and feel that will be ideal. Some homeowners are also afraid of the difficulties involved with installing crown molding. Others limit themselves by being too restrictive when it comes to which building materials they are willing to consider for their crown. When residents become more aware of all of the different styles and all of the possibilities involved, they are going to be that much more likely to make the appropriate upgrades to their homes.

It is genuinely difficult to install crown molding in any home on your own. Homeowners who want to do this on their own need to know that patience is required to get the compound angles right while installing crown molding. Even some professional carpenters have a difficult time with the process of installing crown molding, so homeowners need not feel defeated if they find it hard to do it themselves. Rest assured in the fact that installing crown molding is difficult in the first place, which is one of the reasons why the addition of crown molding adds value to a home.

Choosing The Right Molding

Lots of homeowners are under the impression that wood crown moldings are always better than the ones that are made from polyurethane. In fact, residents who live in areas that are prone to tremendous fluctuations in weather should consider getting the polyurethane crown molding pieces instead, since wood crown moldings can change shape as a result of fluctuations in temperature. Polyurethane moldings can be much more durable and versatile for people in many different climates.

Homeowners who have low ceilings can certainly still get crown moldings installed. Crown moldings can even make homes with shorter walls appear to be taller and larger than they are, which is going to be desirable in almost any home. Residents who are looking for a smaller home because it is in their price range or because they don’t want to handle the upkeep of a larger home, are still going to appreciate a home that seems roomier on the inside.Museum ceiling with crown molding

There are a few other things that to keep in mind:

  • ¬†Many older homes already have crown molding. People in newer homes can add crown molding for themselves in order to give their homes a much more classic look.
  • The fact that crown molding is associated with older homes in the first place is one of the reasons why adding it is going to give a home a sense of elegance and class.
  • Crown molding still has to be of high-quality, or it is not going to really add value to a person’s home. Given the costs involved with installing crown molding in the first place, it is that much more important for people to make sure that the effort has not been in vain.

All in all crown molding is a great option if you are interested in upgrading your home. Many classic homes have it, but if you did not have it before, it is definitely something to consider, even if it can be a difficult process.