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Exterior Paint Colors That Sell Your House

If you are looking to sell your home, then you need to make not only the interior but also the exterior part of your house look the best it can be. A potential home buyer will view a freshly painted home as new and flawless to them. A home that’s painted on the outside radiates both life and style and you can easily get that fresh look for your house through brilliant painting. Painting the exterior of a home requires careful selection of the color scheme, as good quality paint can actually protect your home from adverse weather damages from snow, wind and rain. See a selection of all weather paints here.

Your Choice Of Exterior Paint Colors

The choice of exterior paint colors for the house is of extreme importance as it gives personality and character to a home. Did you know that choosing the right paint colors for your home can actually help you sell it much faster? Put it this way, in today’s economy, it is increasingly difficult to earn money; people thus want their money’s worth for any purchase they make. This is the part where having the right paint and the right color for the exterior of your house come in. Exterior house painting schemes now allow for lots of experimentation with the various paints available in the market. Given that there are countless paints and colors available in the market – with numerous textures and finishes; it thus becomes harder still to pick the right color combination. Well, here are a few tips to help you choose the right exterior paint colors that will get your house off the market quickly:

  • Choose a neutral color or shade as it is both elegant and pleasing to the eye. Two colors could also make a great choice for your exterior painting ideas. You could paint with white or an off-white and then use a dark shade for the trim – it creates a great effect. Otherwise, get a color scheme that compliments your home’s character. This entails the architectural influence it displays and how you would really like to see it.
  • Take your windows and trim into consideration as everything needs to go along with the other.
  • Choose paint with great disguising features. When you use paint to mask something, it means that you want to hide any blemishes with the paint’s tint, thickness and texture. The best paint for this type of work is one with a – high-hiding pure white finish.
  • Take a lesson from your neighbors’ houses color schemes. This is one crucial but often overlooked aspect in house color selection. While everyone wants their home to stand out, it is important that the colors used be agreeable with those used in the neighborhood. So, it is important to take a critical look at nearby houses before settling on a particular color.
  • The surrounding area is another very important factor. You need to visualize how your painted house will actually look in that particular environment and throughout all four seasons. Look at the nearby trees, shrubs and neighborhood for some clues.

A Lasting First Impression For Your Home

Painting your house’s exterior is a great way to enhance its look and make something old look new, once again. If you are in the process of selling your home and want to increase the home price, simply decorate it with the right exterior paint colors. This will definitely help potential buyers make up their minds about purchasing your house the very moment they see that it looks fabulous and is livable. Remember to always invest wisely in exterior paint colors and the whole painting project.