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The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Painter

We know what you’re thinking. You see it on all the paint company and first-time homeowner mortgage commercials. A young couple in their beautiful new home, painting the whole thing themselves. Their color choices are bold and their strokes are confident and the final shot of the ad is the couple standing back to admire their perfect painting job. We admit, it’s a wonderful and cost-effective idea to paint your home yourself. However, if you don’t know what you are doing and how to properly use the paint and tools fixing the job may end up costing you way more.

Florida homeowners, it’s time to check your house painting skills and acknowledge the importance of hiring a professional painter in Florida. It doesn’t hurt to get a quote on how much the whole job will cost with a professional team of painters and the quote itself is typically free.

Professional Painters Carry The Right Equipment 

A professional painter will have a minimum of two extension ladders and scaffolding, if it is required. While all of

these things can be rented from your local hardware store, it’s another cost that you may not have factored into your total painting budget.

A professional will also have higher-end painting tools, like brushes. What the average “DIYer” may not realize is that cheap brushes have a tendency to lose their bristles when weighed down by paint, leaving paint-coated bristles stuck to the wall that will remain there, trapped under the coat of paint, unless removed right away.

Knowing The Necessary Safety Precautions

Balancing on ladders and scaffolding is dangerous and painting can be monotonous work. It’s likely that after a few hours up on a scaffold you will become tired, and your body fatigued, which makes it even harder to balance and paint efficiently. A professional painter is used to this kind of labor and won’t have to stop halfway through the job to take a break.

If you’ve ever taped the edges of a room, you know how tedious it can be. Depending on the size of the room that can be a full day of work in itself. Not to mention prepping areas where the paint is peeling. If you don’t have experience prepping trouble spots for a new paint job then there is no sense doing the job yourself unless you are prepared to re-paint the whole area in about a year’s time.

Pros Know How To Keep The Environment Safe And Healthy

Houses built before 1978 were typically finished with lead-based paint, which can cause serious health issues when scraped down or sanded to prepare for a new paint job. A professional painting contractor will carry EPA-produced pamphlets to show you how they will keep your home and family safe and healthy when they disturb the layers of lead-based paint.

A Professional Painter Knows Paint Better Than You


Choosing a paint is more complex than simply picking a color and finish. A professional painter in Florida will know which brand and type to choose, and what will last in a Florida home. They also typically get a discount on the paints they use because they have access to wholesale priced paints. In the long run, there are more pros for hiring a professional painter than doing a major paint job yourself.