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When Does A Kitchen Need A Paint Makeover?

Your kitchen is actually one of the most important rooms of your house even though you might not realize it. That’s because your kitchen is one of the biggest gathering places you have. It’s the place where everyone comes together during family meals or holidays because it’s where all the action is, but if your kitchen isn’t looking the best, then that means everyone is going to see it.

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Five Questions To Consider Before Painting Your Kitchen

Of course, most people don’t really see that their kitchen is less than stellar and that means they just let it stay the way it is forever. We start getting used to the way things around us look and it becomes ‘comfortable’ instead of ‘boring’ or ‘lived in’ rather than ‘drab.’ So how do you know if your kitchen really needs something new?

  • Has It Been More Than 5 Years?

Sometimes your kitchen needs repainting in less than 5 years but if it’s been 5 years or more you definitely want to think about doing something new. The original colors are definitely old news by now and new colors are definitely needed.

  • Are There Marks On The Walls?

If you’re starting to see dirty patches or worn patches or some of the paint is peeling it is most definitely time for an update. After all, you need to touch up those areas anyway so why not start completely from scratch while you’re at it?

  • Does Your Kitchen Match Everyone You Know?

We all know how it is. You paint your kitchen a new color and then everyone you know decides they absolutely love it and they paint theirs the same color. If your kitchen looks like twins with the kitchen of your sister, your best friend and your mother? It’s time to change things up a bit more.

  • Has Everyone Else Changed Theirs?

Right on par with the last point is the opposite. If everyone else is starting to look at repainting their kitchen so that no one matches anymore it’s definitely time for you to get on board with that. Just make sure you don’t jump back into the same color.

  • Are You Looking To Sell?

If you’re looking to sell your house it’s definitely important to take a look at your kitchen because this is one area that buyers really look at. You can even find out about the return on your investment.

The Results Of Repainting

So now we’ve established that you probably should change your paint colors and update your kitchen, what’s it really going to do for you and your home when you do? It’s just a paint color, right? It’s not really going to affect much of anything, is it? The truth is that it will.

  • Make Your Kitchen Really Pop

If a lot of people are going to be hanging out in your kitchen all the time don’t you want it to pop and show off your style? A few pops of color in the kitchen or even a vibrant color all over is definitely going to help you with that goal.

  • Improve Your Mood

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you know how boring it can get looking at those same walls all day, every Purple kitchenday. By changing the colors to something a little bold you can improve your mood and make yourself feel happier to spend all that time in the kitchen.

  • Make It Light And Fun

If you’re looking to make a smaller kitchen or one with fewer windows feel a little more open you can do that with paint as well. All you need are some lighter colors that are going to catch what little light you might have and reflect it all around the room. You’ll definitely feel like you have more space.

  • Get Rid Of Dated Looks

If it’s been a while since you last painted your kitchen, it probably looks a little dated. By changing it up and repainting you can get rid of those dated looks a whole lot more easily. It’s definitely going to help you look like you’re moving with the times.

No matter what your reason is for repainting your kitchen, you definitely should give it a shot. There are plenty of benefits to having fresh paint in your most used room. If anything it will make meal prepping very exciting every time you plan to cook.