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Steps For Re-Staining An Old Wooden Deck

Wood decks are always an exceptional addition to any property’s aesthetic value. They give a captivating appeal that makes your home look beautiful and stylish. However, when they are neglected, they can turn into an eyesore over time.

Sun rays and water tend to be the major damage agents to a wood floor. They make the wood lose its natural oils and become porous and dry. When you notice cracking, warping, splitting and graying on your deck floor, then know it’s time to undertake some staining or re-staining on it.

Re-Staining That Old Deck


We previously wrote about deck staining for the first time here, now we are giving you tips on how to successfully re-stain an old deck.  Here are important steps to follow when undertaking the staining;

1. Repairs And Preparation

Repairs and preparation are crucial to attaining the best results. First, do a thorough check-up for any loose, rotten or damaged boards and nail or replace them effectively. Then check for any loose railings and tighten them with decking screws or nails. Also inspect the foundation for any significant structural damage.

Both new and old wood needs to be cleaned-up before any staining is done. New wood needs to be cleaned off the mill scale acquired during the milling process or else it will prevent the penetration of wood strains into the wood pores. On the other hand, old decks have dirt, mildew, old stains and graying from the sun that need to be cleaned too.

To open up the wood pores for stain penetration means thorough cleaning and stripping of the wood is necessary beforehand. There are several ways to thoroughly clean-up your deck including;

  • Scrubbing– Done by hand using a stiff-bristle push broom
  • Stripping-Using a chemical stripper for the clean-up
  • Pressure Washing-Efficiently removes dirt, debris and old stains from wood with a spray.

2. Brightening The Floor

Many individuals often skip this process when staining their decks. However, it should not be skipped. It is by far the simplest step in the process and one that delivers dramatic final results.

Wood brighteners are very easy to apply and serve to open up wood pours for penetration, neutralize stain strippers used in cleaning, and better still, restore the appearance of your deck floor. Simply spray them on, wait for around 20 minutes, and then rinse them off.

3. Staining The Deck

Before staining your deck floor, give it ample time to dry. Make sure you have read the product use guidance by the manufacturer to avoid messing up even before you start. The staining finishes come in tinted, clear, semi-transparent and solid colors. You can choose either depending on your tastes and preferences. However, it is vital to know that clear and tinted paints last for only a year or two while the semi-transparent and solid stains last for up to 4 years.

Also, because old decks are extremely dried out, a wood stain that conditions the wood is essential. For example,
the Armstrong Clark stain contains non-drying penetrating oils that aid in rejuvenating wood cells.

How To Apply The Stain

There are several ways through which you can apply the stain including;

  • Using Rollers And Brushes

Use paint rollers and brushes attached to an extension handle for the stain application. Apply a thin coat of the stain over the boards as you roll it on top of 3 or 4 boards at a time. Allow the stain to dry completely and then apply one or two more coats for a good finish.

  • Sprayers

Sprayers allow you to apply the stain easily by helping you cover large areas at a time and in a uniform way. However, note that not all stains are applicable by sprayers so read the manufacturer’s manual carefully.

All in all, ensure that you maintain your deck floor regularly, say in every 2 years, to keep it nourished and extend its life.