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A Look At Paint Eco Labels

Eco labels and certification for paints offers a recognized green trademark for businesses and consumers who wish to get more environmentally-friendly alternatives and make the sound decision. As the industry becomes more regulated with the efforts to lower VOC paints, various paint manufacturers are finding it necessary to clearly label their paint cans to show compliance with the law and promote environmental conservation. In fact, the Eco-friendly paints not only reduce pollution inside your home, but also reduce the amount of toxins that would otherwise pollute the environment.

Eco Labels Need More Clarification

These Eco labels, although different, are a clear attempt to show the performance of the paints and their impact on the environment. At times, Eco labels may not sound good to you, but when you look at them more closely, it is easy to see that certifications and labels are important when it comes to confirming green environmental sustainability claims. However, there are overwhelming numbers of Eco labels around the world. Not surprising, most Florida consumers feel there are lots of Eco labels and certifications for paints. They are looking for a few overarching Eco labels seals that cross different paint companies. Realistic or not, simply adding Eco labels on a paint is not a solution that will be sustainable to consumers in the long run.

You should understand that Eco labels are currently ambiguous in the green market because marketers want to make a proof of the environmental claims. With that said, here is the summery of the most popular Eco labels and certification organizations for quality paints in the Florida market.

Five Popular Labels

The Greenguard

Greenguard develops and certifies zero or low emitting interior products. It offers specific programs for coating and paints. This Eco label allows you to easily identify interior materials and products that have zero or low chemical emissions. It protects your health and quality life by improving your indoor air quality and chemical exposure.

Green Wise

Green wise certified paints and stains are free of certain chemicals that are harmful to your life and the environment. Green wise labels are tested and certified to meet environmental standards and VOC requirement of LEED.

Green Seal

This is a non-profit making organization that uses scientific programs to empower companies, purchasers like you and consumers to create a sustainable environment. The main objective of green seal is creating a tool to help you find the right green paints and stains. Normally, the paints and stains have zero VOC, low ZOC, recycled and adhesives. It offers certification for EPA’s environmentally preferable shopping.

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)

This Eco label seal offers two categories of certification for coating and paints: indoor advantage gold and indoor advantage. It shows that the paints and coats meet strict indoor air quality performance standards. Typically, the pants and stains have zero VOC, can be recycled, have low ZOC and are super adhesive. It is a global certification
for environmentally preferable purchase.

Master Painters Institute (MPI)

MPI was established to develop quality assurance and standard programs in coating and printing application industries in the U.S. Its green performance standards levels for environmentally friendly paints include GPS 2-12 and GPS 1-12. It recently developed extreme green environmental performance standards to compliment the initial green performance standards. The extreme green Eco label is the most stringent Eco friendly performance standard in the paints and coating industry. The MPI focuses on the performance, zero or minimal limits of VOCs and chemical component restrictions. In fact, it shows that paints and coatings have safety, balanced and everyday quality performance.