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Is There A Benefit To Painting Stucco?

Stucco is one of the most pronounced exterior wall cladding material that has been used since time immemorial. Its efficient working has been the focus of most forums which indicates the level of functionality that the material has. With evolution in the building and construction industry, customization and optimizations have taken a new twist in a bid to improve the experience, and this is where painting stucco has come in.

Why Paint Stucco?

Painting stucco provides both esthetic and functional value. This is to say that you can get to enjoy beauty in appearance as well as a functional advantage regarding the durability setting that will be achieved. Most contractors will tell you that painting stucco has varied advantages with the most important one being the improving of resistance against weather elements. As a home owner, it is an obvious fact that you wish to have stucco that can withstand the weather elements and thus enhance durability in the same wavelength. Well, painting stucco can actually deliver on that aspect with added success rates. In line with this, there are plenty of other advantages that you can experience with painting stucco.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting Stucco?


There are varied benefits that you get from painting stucco. These benefits are structured on the operational efficiency that painting affords to stucco which is what you as a home or business property owner should be looking towards.
• Waterproofing
Stucco has been known to absorb moisture over time, and this is to say that your walls may appear damp over a prolonged period when constructed with stucco. Painting stucco, however, ensures that a waterproofing aspect is structured which ensures that stucco does not absorb moisture. This prevents dampness and also maintains the appearance of the wall over time.
• Color and gloss retention
With walls, color and gloss retention is an aspect that is paramount to the appearance that is desired. Painting stucco ensures that the gloss and color of the walls are maintained over extended durations. This is mainly achieved through the aspect of preventing moisture from sipping through the stucco and causing damp markings on the wall which leads to an unappealing appearance.
• UV and chemical resistance
Ultra Violet rays from the sun have been characterized as having the ability to reduce the durability of stucco. Coupled with chemical weathering, the durability and functionality of stucco is effectively reduced which may lead to the poor wall structure. Painting stucco, in this case, ensures that your walls are protected and insulated from UV rays and chemicals which in turn increases durability.
• Prevention of hall-line cracks
Weather elements like moisture, direct sunlight, dust and pollution are known to cause a deterioration effect on stucco. This normally leads to you having to deal with hall-line cracks that are a result of the stucco being stretched and extended beyond the limits. Painting stucco provides you with an answer to hall-line cracks which makes the stucco durable and with a perfect appearance.
• Esthetic value
Painting stucco improves the appearance of walls. This is the esthetic value that you can experience. With paint on stucco, you can have varied customizations of beauty which will speak to clients or visitors at business or home
premises respectively.

Stucco Painting Requirements

The benefits that you are able to experience by painting stucco provide a clear advantage for your walls be it at
home or business premises. You should, however, ensure that the painting process is handled by a professional company that adequately understands the painting process and the parameters of operation as far as stucco is concerned. Stucco painting requires elastomeric-modified coatings which give stability and ultimate protection. It is the insulation and protection of the coating that lead to you enjoying the aforementioned benefits.