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Pros And Cons Of Wallpaper Vs Painting

Should you use wallpaper or paint your house? You’ve probably experienced such a dilemma. Not to worry, this is a commonly asked question by many home and business owners in Florida and anywhere else. Home renovation can probably be the most daunting task especially when you want to bring out that elegant and beautiful personality you possess. You want everyone to know how sophisticated you are, right? Meaning you’ll want to settle for an option that’ll bring it out; whether paintwork or wallpaper artwork.

Deciding To Paint


Paint has, for years, been the most preferred and commonly used method of decorating and adding an elegant
touch to walls because;

  • It’s pretty easy to find the exact match for the colors you like because they’re available in different colors.
  • There are numerous options with paint finishes; from matte, flat, shiny or satin.
  • With paint, it’s very easy to mix and match colors to have your synthetic finish.
  • Painting a wall can give you an option of hiding blemishes.
  • Paint is easy to apply and maintain.
  • Water based paints are also easy to clean when they get dirty.

Choosing To Wallpaper


In contrast, wallpaper has been the latest trend for giving a house the perfect finish and homey touch. Some of the
wallpaper pros include:

  • When properly maintained, wallpaper can last as long as 15 years.
  • Wallpaper comes in variety of themes; Victorian, modern, floral and lots more.
  • Wallpapers are the best for covering defective walls that are either uneven, slightly off angle or cracked.
  • Wallpapers are easier to install nowadays unlike before.

Cons Of Both Paint & Wallpaper

Preparation Time

It’s the time you will take to prepare your wall when you opt for paint or wallpaper. If you are probably starting from a bare wall, then you’re in luck. However, if you have a finish applied, you will need to take into account the preparation time.

Wallpaper: it will take the right tools to remove existing wallpaper effectively. It can be a very tedious task. Therefore, you will need a lot of patience. You might want to consult a home improvement store for assistance.

Paint: you cannot apply paint to dirty or damaged walls. First, you will have to plaster, wash or smooth it. Painting may require very little preparation compared to wallpaper.


Your family’s lifestyle will, to some extent, dictate the finish you select. Wallpaper and paint come in various colors and different varieties.

Wallpaper: they are very durable and last longer. They will hold high traffic areas and children’s wear and tear. Unfortunately, wallpaper can easily peel away from walls in bathrooms and kitchens due to high moisture.

Paint: paint can be a good option for areas that require an easy and inexpensive application. It can easily chip whenever walls are damaged or scraped. This means walls will require a new coat within a few years.


On average, wallpaper is quite expensive compared to paint. Wallpaper will require you to dig deep in your pocket to purchase rolls, supplies and install it. Paint, on the other hand, will only require a few supplies, and you can do it yourself.

As much as wallpaper can be more expensive, purchasing paint every two years may be costly compared to wallpaper that will remain elegant for years after installation.

A Touch of Both

Paintable wallpaper is the best for anyone who wants a touch of both worlds. It comes in rolls or adhesive squares and can be left bare or painted.

It’s not an easy decision to make when considering either wallpaper or paint because both have their pros and cons. Regardless of your choice, ensure you settle for whatever will bring that glamorous look to your home or office area.