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What To Look For In A Commercial Painter

It only takes painting a ceiling one time for you to realize that the next time you’re going to hire someone to do it for you! If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial painter, there are a lot of key things that you want to keep in mind ahead of time. By using a few key tips, this can help to ensure that you get the job done on time, you hire someone reputable and you’re also prepared for what you need.

Planning Your Painting Job

Are you starting a simple remodeling project, or do you want to go office by office and tackle every project on your list?

These are questions that you have to ask because you want to decide ahead of time what you want your painter to do. When you hire a commercial painter, they’re going to do exactly what you tell them and that’s why you want to be specific. For starters, you want to think about what color you want in each room. Also ask yourself whether or not you want a glossy finish, or if you want something it’s going to be flat? Next, do you want two different colors in a room, or do you want several? These are other considerations that you want you factor in.

How long will the job take? You want to ask this ahead of time with when you interview different painters because you need to find out whether not they will have the job done in a few hours, or in a few days.

What equipment will they need? Some painters will bring all of their equipment such as the rollers, sprayers, drop cloths and ladders. A reputable painter will be prepared.

Time frames & Scheduling:

Maybe you’ve decided that you want everything done over one weekend. You have to make sure that you communicate with your painter and let them know your expectations.

Scheduling. Commercial painters have to consider the importance of your business. Therefore, commercial painters working on your site need to be aware of your operating hours, how customers and clients typically access your services, any special access procedures that need to be respected, as well as what disruption is acceptable to you. Some commercial painters are able to work varying schedules to minimize downtime on your part, which can be a tremendous benefit, so keep this in mind when you are looking for a commercial painter.


If you have really high ceilings, you want to also find out whether or not they’re going to be bringing a scaffold with them.

You can also ask questions such as whether or not they are going to be using brushes, sprayers, or rollers. If you have allergies, or issues with mold, you definitely want to find out about airing the rooms out and how they can use fans or blowers to help the paint to dry faster.


You can also ask about whether or not they’re going to be working by themselves or if they are going to bring additional people. If they bring more people, always ensure that you find out all of the names of the people who are going to be in your home. For example, if you have valuables in your office areas but you’re having you want to ensure that your valuables stay in your bedroom!

Licensing and insurance

You want to make sure that your painter has the appropriate license and insurance and that they’re bonded. Make sure to look them up on a site like Angie’s List or another site that can confirm that they are fully licensed – and there are no complaints. Read more about the importance of checking licensing and insurance here.

Also confirm that they have insurance in case there’s any liability issue such as if a worker falls off of a scaffold, or if they damage something on your property.

Your Commercial Painters Must Have Referrals

You also want to ask for references, that way you can verify that they are a reputable service. Reputation is everything so make sure you hire someone who has a lot of good references and  where you can see their work online.

Also, draft a written contract and list how they will be paid, i.e., if you’re giving them half down and half upon completion. Also make sure you have everything in writing and they sign a receipt upon completion and that you sign off on it, as well.